Gray Gull Productions; a small production company based in Oslo, Norway.

We mainly work with metal bands and festivals, creating live- and music videos.

Our approach is a little different than most when it comes to live concert recordings; we offer our services "for free". 

We think it's important to deliver a good product, so we will not charge a client if the material is not satisfactory. If it is however, we offer two choises:

1- The band and or thir label can buy the material with all rights. The price will depend on location, size, and wether or not we edit.

2- We, meaning Gray Gull and the band/label share the material, and we won't charge any money. By sharing, the band, and or label will recieve a copy of any of the recorded songs they want, and Gray Gull keeps a copy for our channels. In this case, we ask for promotion by the band and label, on the videos we produce of them. 

Alternative 2 might seem like a strange one, but there is reason behind the madness. The industry has changed, and we believe we must change with the times. Music can be accessed for free, or very cheap, so we must look to different means of covering production. We at Gray Gull are trying to build a channel and a brand that in a long run will be able to cover our costs. 

We also want to create a comunity around what we do. If you wish to be a part of this comunity, you can follow us on our social media, and subscribe to us on YouTube. 

For those who might want to give extra support, we do have a Patreon page, at

It's 1$ a month, and in return you will get all new releases a little before it goes public. In the future we hope to offer a few more exiting benefits as well.

If you are a band or a festival in need of a film team, either for recording of a live concert, promotional or a music video, feel free to contact us.

for referance

Festivals we work with:

Midgardsblot Metal festival - Karmøygeddon Metal Festival - Hellbotn Metalfest 

Band resume:

The Hu - Cradle of Filth - Mork - Rotting Christ - Watain - Fire From The Gods - Amigo the Devil - Einherjer - Abyssic - Chrome Division - Ensiferum - Tsjuder - Blot - Trollfest - Wintersun - Mors Subita - Shade Empire - Kampfar - Audrey Horne - Mysticum - Nexorum - Decapitated - Vǫluspá - Tormentor - Cadaver

For contact:

(0047) 45903773